Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dating Sites...Where the Women Go Wrong

Have you ever checked out those dating sites where the participants are supposed to create a "profile" which is meant to introduce them to prospective new acquaintances, i.e., pen pals, short-term friendship/relationship, long-term (marriage) relationship, just friends, etc.? I've been looking those over of late and I have noticed two things. The ones that interest me are those who spend their 1200 words (or so) writing about what they enjoy and those who spend at least half of their allotted words writing about what they hate in men and activities. One even hates Brussels sprouts and took the time to say so; fortunately, it was said in the context of many things humorously expressed. I find it off-putting that someone seeking to introduce herself would start off so negatively and by trimming the universe of acceptable human beings by so broad a list of "cannot abides" and "will not tolerates." Of course, there are my own personal deal breakers which some profilers cannot help but present: a proliferation of tattoos and a great insistence that life is not worth living if not spent largely upon the back of a motorcycle, preferably a Harley! Is it just me?

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