Sunday, March 25, 2007

The movie: "Amazing Grace"

I am just back tonight from seeing "Amazing Grace," which is featured on the web at Unlike most movies these days, it was long - 1 hour and 56 minutes, I think, but the audience's attention was rapt and, so, when the movie finished with a bagpiper and band playing Amazing Grace in front of Westminster Abbey, no one got up from a seat to leave. The only comparable movie in the past ten years is that other movie about the slave trade called "Amistad."

For once, a major motion picture presented religion - Christian religion - with respect and reverence. While at times, the actors indulged in a little preaching, what else would you have in a movie with a moral theme such as the evil of slavery. What should make the movie even more poignant in these times is the fact noted by the United Nations that there remain at least 16,000,000 persons in slavery today - more than ever before at any one time!

The movie was powerful enough to evoke tears in the audience (me, too) and to cause it to sit in respectful silence throughout the speeches and more dramatic scenes. I can recommend and heartily that this movie needs to be seen; it must be seen throughout the world, I think, to beat back the evil and the sin of modern slavery!

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