Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thinking about friends and friendship

This week I've been fortunate to spend time with friends and those occasions really helped boost my spirits and endure some stress of recent days and weeks. I wrote last week about having gone to see the movie "Amazing Grace." I went with a new friend whose sense of humor and good cheer really made me feel at ease; this week we'll dine out at one of my favorite Juneau restaurants - Pasta Garden. I'm anticipating another evening of good conversation, smiles and laughter in her company.

Last night I attended a joint birthday celebration which recognized the birth dates of two fellow workers; we met at another fine Juneau restaurant - the Baranof - and ate a sumptuous meal. Earlier in the day I'd had lunch with another friend.

All of these occasions and many which preceded them make me a very blessed individual and the friendships I enjoy with each of these persons is just what I've needed lately. So, I'd say, don't neglect friendships; you can never have too many friends, as a wise brother of mine tells me, and of course he's right. One of the major benefits of being over 50 years old is the number of friends I've made over the years. In that regard - if in no other - I've had a rich and rewarding life.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ken,

I received your reply and wanted to get back with you.

I have had a busy work schedule and little extra time. From your article, it sounds you have a girlfriend already?

I do not want to waste your time nor mine. I do not have accessed to the internet but used the library computer which is why I can't send a photo of me.

It would be nice to become friends first if you are interested. I am not looking for a one night stand or casual sex; my heart needs more.